Plastic Products

  • pet toilet,pet house,pet supplies

    pet toilet,pet house,pet supplies

    LS237:material is pp,size 52*46.5*40.5mm/1pcs,

    LS281:material is pp,size 72.5*50*82.5mm/8pcs

    LS202:material is pp,size 55*50*65mm/5pcs

    LS224 material is pp,size 58*49*34.5mm/5pcs

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    MOQ >=100PCS





  • outdoor drinking water bottle feeder

    outdoor drinking water bottle feeder

    LS249:material is pp+ps,size :62.5*53*48.5mm/32pcs,

    LS252:material is pp,size :67*37*73mm/10pcs;

    LS260:material is pp+pet+tpr+steel,size :80*43*57.5mm/20pcs;


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  • hanging water for small pets,

    hanging water for small pets,

    LS1030:material is pp,size :51*47*49mm/144pcs ,59*54*58mm/360pcs,58*54*49mm/360pcs,

    LS122:material is pp,size :71*45*54mm/20pcs,

    LS152:material is pp+pet,size is 32*17.5*30mm/16pcs


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  • layered food container

    layered food container

    layered food container is a practical storage container for keeping different types of food separate. It typically consists of multiple compartments stacked on top of each other, allowing you to store different foods without mixing them together. Each compartment is designed to hold a specific portion of food and has its own separate lid or cover. This helps to prevent cross-contamination and maintain the freshness and flavor of each food item. The layered food container is often used for packing lunches or snacks, as it allows you to conveniently carry and enjoy a variety of foods in one compact container. It is also a popular choice for meal prepping and portion control, as it helps to keep different food groups or servings organized. The convenience and versatility of a layered food container make it a great option for those who desire an organized and balanced meal on the go.

  • drinking cup

    drinking cup

    A plastic tumbler is a drinking cup made out of plastic material. It is lightweight and typically has a smooth and glossy surface. The cup usually has a cylindrical shape with a rim, allowing users to comfortably drink from it. Some plastic tumblers have a lid and a straw for added convenience and spill-proof functionality. These cups are commonly used for serving cold beverages such as water, juice, or soda. They are easy to clean, reusable, and great for both outdoor and indoor use. Overall, a plastic tumbler is a practical and versatile choice for everyday hydration.

  • portable plastic storage box

    portable plastic storage box

    it  is a lightweight and durable container designed to hold various items. It is made of sturdy plastic material, which makes it easy to carry and transport. The storage box is equipped with a handle, allowing for easy gripping and carrying. It comes with a lid that securely closes to keep the contents safe and protected from dust, dirt, and moisture. This type of storage box is commonly used for organizing and storing items like toys, office supplies, tools, and household belongings. Its portable and compact design makes it suitable for both home and travel use

  • Plastic Rice Storage Barrel

    Plastic Rice Storage Barrel

    plastic rice storage barrel is a durable and practical solution for storing rice in a clean and hygienic manner. Made from high-quality food-grade plastic, this barrel is designed to ensure the freshness and quality of the rice.